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What does OBEC POCTE mean?

growing-oatsAt the time of FIDONET there were some problems with cyrillic codepages. And there was a sort of "art" to write cyrillic words using latin characters. There is a limited number of characters, which looks the same both in latin and cyrillic alphabetrs.

OBEC POCTE means in English oats growing and nothing else (-:

Why spiders?

nice spider by ofielkhulThe spiders mean nothing. In the childhood I read "Spider World" book by Colin Wilson. Since that time I like and respect spiders (-:

Is your name Gruz?

gruzNo, it's a slang nickname from the schooltime. My real name is Ostap-Suleyman-Berta-Maria-Bender-Bey Ibragimovich Zadunaysky.


On the enemy - the sword, on the devil - the CrossUkrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church,

Christ akbar!

Political views?

Who loves me - follow me!Ukrainian Nationalism

I want to ask about...

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