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The circle is closed. Liberals who have struggled for individual freedom in the past now require a bunch of restrictions. Nowadays some views are under the juridical or actual prohibition: some political views, some historical views, some views on sexual behavior. The parents' right to raise children in illiberal values ​​is questioned. What have began as freedom ends with self-denial and non-freedom.

The more radical fighters for freedom and liberation, the communists, everywhere, where they won, staged totalitarianism without any procrastination. The communists have a faster metabolism than liberals.

From a technical point of view, we have the following. With the goal of "security" more and more video cameras, there is less cash in favor of bank accounts. Mobile clearly shows the location of a person at any time. The privacy of correspondence and conversations goes back to the past. Social networks allow you to make a dossier to any person in an automatic mode - a person gives away all the places where one can be found, what one is interested in, what views the persone has, all one's contacts (friends, relatives, employees, whom one served or studied with, etc.) .

The task of the nationalist movement at this stage is to demand true freedom. Limit the ability of the government to control a person, to equip a person with knowledge and skills in information hygiene. This should be a significant part of the nationalist program - indeed, Free Man. Security should not be formed by means of "neutralizing" citizens and strengthening of special services, but by weakening the control and formation of free and self-sufficient citizens, capable of defending and organizing their and community life.

So, the thesis about WWCtP (when we come to power :-):

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B.Dovgan. "Shmon (Archipelago GULAG)". 1968.

Once I spent a couple of days in a prison cell. There was a daily rummage (so-called "shmon") - a humiliating review of things and prisoners. Of course, for security reasons.

A few days ago I tried to visit a political meeting of a patriotic force new the Parliament in Kyiv. A person could not visit the meeting without passing a metal-detector frame and a humilating rummage. The ACABs paid additional attention to anyone, who they suspected to be an activist. "Swirl pockets and bags". Who gave them the right to dig in my personal things? Maybe I have there a dildo/insertive jaw/medicine for hemorrhoids and I'm ashamed to show it? The policemen like to do searches in personal things, like to humilate, to show their power. Of course, the rummage has a good reason - the security of the prisoners. However, as well as in the prison cell, it is not about the security of the prisoners, but about the control of the authorities.

The policemen (ACABs in fact) leaning to dig into other persons' thing is expected. One must have nobility to disdain, say, to read alien letters or to dig into other people's things. Our current police is an antonym to nobility. They would be Defenders, but they are just rubbish. Police behaviour is not amazing.

It is amazing that Ukrainians, who believe that in 2014 they have performed a "Revolution of Dignity", allow to make rummage on them, zealously open the bags and spread legs. A "necessary humiliation" for "expressing your opinion". After such an act of symbolic castration, your opinion is definitely not interested in anyone. You are "disinfected", especially in your own mind.

If we had some self respect, the soulution would be obvious.

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Colonel Petro Dyachenko, ~1918

Various persons like Arestovich, Romanenko, Datsiuk and other quasi-intellectual quasi-futuristic guys tells Ukraninans, that our national-identity, nationality is a purport of the 19th century. We fight for the past instead of the future. Look, they say, the world sounds like Ilon Mask, a Mars colony, the global world, Tesla-mobiles.

A hundred years ago, exactly the same thing was told to us by Bolsheviks and other social-democrats. Everything looked very similar - rapid science development, travel by plane, radio, electricity in every home, telegraph transmits information instantly, etc. The future "was now". And some archaic Ukrainians were defending the meanings of the Middle Ages in the modern world.

At that time too many Ukrainians behaved infantilely. Not many of us fought for our national ideal. Too many believed in other's ideals (see the list of executed by Bolsheviks in the 1920's and 1930's).

We have not got a wonderful world of progress, but we found ourselves in the role of a victim in Baal-Moloch in a slave country of USSR.

Nowadays we observe almost identical situation, analogy. Will we draw conclusions?

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It's now fashionable to say: "Remember this post."

In Ukraine there is a generation of young people, for which Ukraine have "always" been. For them the fact that Ukraine has been occupied by Russia is a foggy fact of poorly learned in the school history. There is an illusion that Ukraine is a fulfilled fact.

However, Poland in 1939 also had a generation of young people who grew up in the independent Poland. And then Poland lost its independence until 1989.

Independence of Ukraine is threatened as never before since 1991. Ukraine is reminiscent of the interwar Chechnya. After the first war, when the Chechens were solidly against Russia and won, Moscow began to prepare the second war. Moscow looked for traitors, bribed and blackmailed weak persons, prepared armed groups consising of collaborators, supported the Chechen mafia and prepared the intrusion ideologically. And when the Second War was launched, there was no previous unanimity and unambiguousness. There was no rear. The forces of the nation were blown up. The war was lost.

We are in the same situation. We repeled the first Russion offensive. However, Moscow is preparing the second war and the final war.

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acabYou can hear in Ukraine often from ACABs that "when you badly need, you ask us for help".

ACABs have a monopoly of violence and the right, duty and weapons to protect people. In favor of ACABs, people are deprived of these rights .

At the same time ACABs do their job very bad (in the best case), or even stand on the side or in the role of criminals.

That's why their argument "you still ask us for help" sounds especially hypocritical.

This is an extremely great sin - to make profit from those or to suppress those whom you are entrusted to defend.

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immunityAt first look healthy forces insist on the abolition of the parliamentary immunity. These are nationalsit movements - "Svoboda" ("Freedom" party), "Azov" (National Corps), "Right Sector" and even C14.

It is obvious that parliamentary immunity have been implemented to protect deputies form the pressure of the executive power and judicial power. It is a fuse which allows oposition to have strength to influence something. Now an opposition deputy is able to to oppose police tyranny during protest actions. The abolition of the parliamentary immunity would allow the police and our "honest' courts to eliminate or neutralize opposition. This would allow to arrest any deputy for "foul language" or to call one for an interrogation exactly instead of the protest action. So all duputies would be easily removed from the protests, trial, blockades, etc.

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Catalonia is a nationIt's a shame, but in the Ukrainian nationalist environment there is no consensus on the events of Catalonia. We have always sympathized with the independent movements of other nations - printed brochures about the IRA, the ETA, supported the Chechens, admired William Wallace. And suddenly, a large part of the Ukrainian nationalists are opposed to the independence of Catalonia.

The sad thing is that comrades use hypocritical arguments. This is a test of principles - stay at your principes even when it is not profitable. Actually, there are two views on Ukrainian nationalism - the struggle for the Truth, or the struggle for own interest, even if the price is untrue.

Unfortunately, the nationalist environment does not demonstrate the principles, and thus maturity.

Arguments against the independence:

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Gart - KIA defending Donetsk AirportOnly in case of having military victories we can be proud of artists, scientists and economists.

If there no military success, then one outstanding serf Taras Shevchenko is opposed by tens of Koroliovs, Gogols, Repins, Chekhovs, Tchaikovskys, Marshal Timoshenko etc.

We are proud of the persons calling them "outstanding Ukrainians", but they have not considered themselves Ukrainians.

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ДокументThe history of organized by Moscow famines in Ukraine is provided without context. Either as causeless cruelty of bolsheviks or as a half-natural and half-artificial disaster. Ukrainians are shown as innocent vitcims.

The fate of those who are afraid to fight for freedom is to to bury their children who have died of hunger. This is justice.

In fact all three Famines were punitive actions against rebels. The first and the second ones were successful. The last one - missed.

Preconditions of the Famine of 1921-1923 years was that Russians (soviet at that time) had land burning under their feet. Insurgent movement is in bloom. Cold Ravine cossack groups control huge territories. Anarchist cossacks of Makhno (Cossacks by definition are anarchists, if to look at the military democracy at a certain point of view) is a notable military power. The Bolsheviks confiscated all the food in particular to knock the ground from under rebel troops, to deprive insurgents of the village support. It’s worth of mention, that 80% of population at that time was living in villages, Ukrainians were not the majority in cities and many towns.

This tactic acted, apparently, not only in Ukraine.


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spider blankMost voters in Ukraine at elections vote not consciously.

The result of elections in Ukraine is determined (even not taking into consideration direct falsifications with ballots or election commission members) by two categories of people:

  • Those who sell vote directly or indirectly (vote for owners of so-called "Charitable" funds)
  • Those who are deceived by "political technologies", who vote not for some political program or an ideology, but for artist-demagogue persons.

In both cases money rules.

There are people who are interested in ideology, the history of a party or a biography of a politician. Those try to filter out the lies, try to correlate the facts. The number of such people, who vote to some extent deliberately, is much less than the number of purchased and deceived voters.

It is quite simple to improve the quality of the democratic process. Only the latter, conscious category of people should be allowed to vote.

How should it work in particular?

FaLang translation system by Faboba
ОУН-УПА: легенда спротиву Українська Дивізія «Галичина» Зиновій Книш: спогади й матеріали до діяння УВО і ОУН Реаніматор електронних текстів Забуттю не підлягає 1917-1991

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