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immunityAt first look healthy forces insist on the abolition of the parliamentary immunity. These are nationalsit movements - "Svoboda" ("Freedom" party), "Azov" (National Corps), "Right Sector" and even C14.

It is obvious that parliamentary immunity have been implemented to protect deputies form the pressure of the executive power and judicial power. It is a fuse which allows oposition to have strength to influence something. Now an opposition deputy is able to to oppose police tyranny during protest actions. The abolition of the parliamentary immunity would allow the police and our "honest' courts to eliminate or neutralize opposition. This would allow to arrest any deputy for "foul language" or to call one for an interrogation exactly instead of the protest action. So all duputies would be easily removed from the protests, trial, blockades, etc.

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Catalonia is a nationIt's a shame, but in the Ukrainian nationalist environment there is no consensus on the events of Catalonia. We have always sympathized with the independent movements of other nations - printed brochures about the IRA, the ETA, supported the Chechens, admired William Wallace. And suddenly, a large part of the Ukrainian nationalists are opposed to the independence of Catalonia.

The sad thing is that comrades use hypocritical arguments. This is a test of principles - stay at your principes even when it is not profitable. Actually, there are two views on Ukrainian nationalism - the struggle for the Truth, or the struggle for own interest, even if the price is untrue.

Unfortunately, the nationalist environment does not demonstrate the principles, and thus maturity.

Arguments against the independence:

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Gart - KIA defending Donetsk AirportOnly in case of having military victories we can be proud of artists, scientists and economists.

If there no military success, then one outstanding serf Taras Shevchenko is opposed by tens of Koroliovs, Gogols, Repins, Chekhovs, Tchaikovskys, Marshal Timoshenko etc.

We are proud of the persons calling them "outstanding Ukrainians", but they have not considered themselves Ukrainians.

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ДокументThe history of organized by Moscow famines in Ukraine is provided without context. Either as causeless cruelty of bolsheviks or as a half-natural and half-artificial disaster. Ukrainians are shown as innocent vitcims.

The fate of those who are afraid to fight for freedom is to to bury their children who have died of hunger. This is justice.

In fact all three Famines were punitive actions against rebels. The first and the second ones were successful. The last one - missed.

Preconditions of the Famine of 1921-1923 years was that Russians (soviet at that time) had land burning under their feet. Insurgent movement is in bloom. Cold Ravine cossack groups control huge territories. Anarchist cossacks of Makhno (Cossacks by definition are anarchists, if to look at the military democracy at a certain point of view) is a notable military power. The Bolsheviks confiscated all the food in particular to knock the ground from under rebel troops, to deprive insurgents of the village support. It’s worth of mention, that 80% of population at that time was living in villages, Ukrainians were not the majority in cities and many towns.

This tactic acted, apparently, not only in Ukraine.


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spider blankMost voters in Ukraine at elections vote not consciously.

The result of elections in Ukraine is determined (even not taking into consideration direct falsifications with ballots or election commission members) by two categories of people:

  • Those who sell vote directly or indirectly (vote for owners of so-called "Charitable" funds)
  • Those who are deceived by "political technologies", who vote not for some political program or an ideology, but for artist-demagogue persons.

In both cases money rules.

There are people who are interested in ideology, the history of a party or a biography of a politician. Those try to filter out the lies, try to correlate the facts. The number of such people, who vote to some extent deliberately, is much less than the number of purchased and deceived voters.

It is quite simple to improve the quality of the democratic process. Only the latter, conscious category of people should be allowed to vote.

How should it work in particular?

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angry spiderDue to the new law all politicians, deputies, judges and officials must declare their money, houses, cars and all other valuable things.

Surely we all new about the wealth of our politicians before. Now it's officially naked.

I didn't count, but I think if the "servants of the people" donate just 10% of their money, we could have no children dying from cancer because of the lack of money.


p>Many (if not most) of them declare hundreds of thousands of USD and EURO in cash. Some declare millions in USD. Millions in UAH is almost a must for a deputy.

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Gilded Statuette of Tutankhamun the Harpooner The key issue is whether the Truth is always one or there are several of them (ie none other than self-interest).

For Christian and Muslim it's obvious:

  • The Truth is always the same
  • You should always uphold the truth, especially when it is not beneficial or dangerous. At such moment God is looking at you with keen interest.
  • You are weak and often sin. So you are not following p.2 because of fear (which is sin) or indifference.
  • If you sin, you must repent. And you must not sin again.

Thus, way of life is to struggle for Truth (including struggle with oneself).

Machiavellianism denies all the above said. Alas in politics it dominates.

If there are several truths, it frees the choice of methods and allies. The favorite Putin's sport judo - who manages to be the first to throw the other one.

When you appear that you are about to straddle the devil, you find yourself underneath

A Chechen fighter

I dream of a political power, of counterparts, of environment, which figths for the Truth (even if does mistakes at some stages). I categorically do not accept the hypocritical concept of Machiavellianism in the deal of Ukraine revival.

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Мусора краще підара.... Чи не краще?In February 2014 we were half a step from an assault of local ACABs (it was called militia at that time) and SS offices. We didn't not take the offices and kept hot youth from it. Because we were afraid that weapons can be taken by many not-known to us people..

At the same time we demand that the government legalize weapons. The government is afraid.

The reasons we have had and the reasons the government has are the same - we do not trust own Nation.

It should be amended.

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The instrument of deception is the substitution of terms. Even a double substitution. If a term has negative connotations, it is necessary to create a neutral term, preferably sequently twice, and then it can be entered into the public debate.

For example: pederast-> homoseksualist-> gay

There is harder to express in a table term substitution way. For example, why throwing bombs from planes is not a terrorism but laying a bomb is a terrorism?

So learn to speak properly!

Incorrect Correct
ATO, anti-terrorist operation (Ukraine) War in the East, War with Russia
Was in ATO (Ukraine) Was at the front-line, was at war against Russia
ATO participant (Ukraine) Front-line soldier
Gay, homosecsualist, LGBT Pederast, pederasy, pederasts
Tolerance Indifference, no reaction
A demand to be tolerant In most cases a requirement to suppress the instinct for survival
Political technology A deception in order to gain more votes
PR, public relations (in politics) see. Political technology
Right-wing populists Right-wing
Terrorists Depending on the context:
- Fighters for independence
- Religious rebels
- occupiers (like in the war with Russia in Ukraine)
World terrorism Phenomenon is absent. Depending on the context, see. Terrorists

To be continued.

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Collective farm - people's hapinessIt is hard to ignore the fact, that there is an unusually high percentage of our brothers like Jews, Georgians, Armenians. With the naked eye one can see the dominance of Caucasians in police of particularly corrupt regions (those with lots of money). For example, Odesa, Kyiv.

Demo liberals traditionally ignore reality in favor of his own doctrine. Anyone, who noticed this obvious fact of ethnically non-Ukrainian government in Ukraine,  is guaranteed to get a beforehand prepared stamp (Nazi, fascist, terrorist. Homophobes, Islamists, xenophobe, etc. - showcase is abundant).

How to explain this? Convenient explanation is a world Jewish conspiracy. Which doesn't explain Caucasians. But conspiracy theories and so strong that they can "explain" everything. As world Jewry have bought me, here I bring an alternative explanation of the non-Ukrainian ethnic composition of our authorities.

FaLang translation system by Faboba
Електронна бібліотека «Exlibris»: історичні дослідження, мемуаристика, публіцистика, художня література Українська етнографія: книги, курси лекцій, статті й матеріали, мапи, фотоальбоми, веб-ресурси Правителі України: портрети, життєписи, матеріали Твори Адріана Кащенка: романтика козацьких часів Народна війна 1917-1932

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