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The instrument of deception is the substitution of terms. Even a double substitution. If a term has negative connotations, it is necessary to create a neutral term, preferably sequently twice, and then it can be entered into the public debate.

For example: pederast-> homoseksualist-> gay

There is harder to express in a table term substitution way. For example, why throwing bombs from planes is not a terrorism but laying a bomb is a terrorism?

So learn to speak properly!

Incorrect Correct
ATO, anti-terrorist operation (Ukraine) War in the East, War with Russia
Was in ATO (Ukraine) Was at the front-line, was at war against Russia
ATO participant (Ukraine) Front-line soldier
Gay, homosecsualist, LGBT Pederast, pederasy, pederasts
Tolerance Indifference, no reaction
A demand to be tolerant In most cases a requirement to suppress the instinct for survival
Political technology A deception in order to gain more votes
PR, public relations (in politics) see. Political technology
Right-wing populists Right-wing
Terrorists Depending on the context:
- Fighters for independence
- Religious rebels
- occupiers (like in the war with Russia in Ukraine)
World terrorism Phenomenon is absent. Depending on the context, see. Terrorists

To be continued.

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Collective farm - people's hapinessIt is hard to ignore the fact, that there is an unusually high percentage of our brothers like Jews, Georgians, Armenians. With the naked eye one can see the dominance of Caucasians in police of particularly corrupt regions (those with lots of money). For example, Odesa, Kyiv.

Demo liberals traditionally ignore reality in favor of his own doctrine. Anyone, who noticed this obvious fact of ethnically non-Ukrainian government in Ukraine,  is guaranteed to get a beforehand prepared stamp (Nazi, fascist, terrorist. Homophobes, Islamists, xenophobe, etc. - showcase is abundant).

How to explain this? Convenient explanation is a world Jewish conspiracy. Which doesn't explain Caucasians. But conspiracy theories and so strong that they can "explain" everything. As world Jewry have bought me, here I bring an alternative explanation of the non-Ukrainian ethnic composition of our authorities.

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СкрєпиThe appeal of Russians to "spiritual buckles" is a blasphemy. But it only makes sense because they appeal to the really important values.

Can you speculate with something valueless? No.

Our audience successfully and fairly gave the bride to the Russian "buckles". But, lead by left-liberal opinion leaders, continued to ridicule any healthy values.  Any national-patriotic convictions are treated as "vice versa spiritual buckles".

So Russian "buckles" hurt twice - once through "gathering lands" and another time when give a rise to equate everything national and patriotic to "buckles".

At the same time "vice versa spiritual buckles" come from Europe as a left-liberal ideological offensive. Beginning from the actual requirements to Ukraine to surrender  in the current war with Russia (by Minsk agreements between some private persons), ending with to pederasty-parades lead by "my new police" and a fetish of everything "European".

This side does exactly the same the other one - speculates with healthy and correct things, while emboding its destructive for the Ukrainian (and any other) nation politics.

Surprisingly Ukrainian patriots get the stamp "fascists" at the same time from these two sides - because we "don't follow the buckles" and because we do follow it.

So do not be afraid to defend such healthy values, as the value of family, nation, religion, male and female virtues even when they remember "buckles", "fascism" or the same "fascism" with "buckles" paired with "Volyn massacre with chainsaw ".

"I - Eternal Spirit of the Elements that have kept you from Tatar floods and set on the edge of two worlds to create new life." (translated as could)

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The post was written at the time of the funny and unsuccessfull coup in Turkey.

Reaction to the Turkish coupWhen you perform a military coup, but you are a not known to the public person and people do not know what to expect from you, at least follow the comrade Lenin's example - manifest several popular decrees. However, even if you are know well, do the same.

In Ukraine, it would be free gun ownership, nationalization of key assets of the oligarchs, the dissolution of all the courts and create totally new ones, prosecutors dissolution, true lustration of police and ban for any pro-Russian activity and Russian business. You can call the Patriots join the armed voluntary people's squads, so taking over the active part of society stream. I beg you, do not miss the dynamics!

And thus any activity against your sexy junta would be against your nice decrees.

And more. Do not declare a curfew. When a political activist is hiding in a corner frightened by your evil forces and he/she realizes that streets are full of people trying to get money from ATMs and to make important shopping before the dark times come, the activist realizes that your evil junta power has now any real power. The street doesn't obey. Then the the political activist comes to the street feeling much less fear. Be like that king from "The Little Prince". The king gave only those orders, which had not chance not to be fulfilled. It is better to declare street festivities to celebrate the old power fall. Or organize people to burn a substance Medvedchuk or Akmetov. Be smart when doing a military coup. Hail to your junta!

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Text below is an artistic speculation. :-)

During the anti-police revolution of 2013-2014 years it became clear that every ACAB is an enemy of the people. How many policemen defected and joind rebels? There are rumos about one policeman in Lviv. Almost nobody.

ACABs started to flee when they realized that everyone in their uniform would soon become a target for people. In every yard, every hallway, where they are not protected with "monolith" and a cover of the "black squadron" of "Berkut" with AK.

Later, when "Berkut" ACABs were put on the knees, that was also a way to save them from the revenge for Heavenly hundred. We just kept football hooligans from their murder in February 2014. The ACABs were already tracked the places of residence. It was an illusion, that "Berkut" would be really neutralized. We are peaceful. in order not to offend anyone. "Berkut" ACABs conclusion was to wait for an opportuinity of vile revenge. It is said not to cast pearls before swine. Swine cannot be thankfull.

Nowadays many of football hooligans are at war, in prison or in graves. "Berkut" ACABs continue to work in police. They will feel free and happy to kill and torture revolutionaries without any sense of danger. They were not punished for mass executions in the Fabruary of 2014. So they are allowed to do anything. And they implement their revenge nowadays - at those courts on volunteers and patriots, during mass actions, when they pave the way for gay parades or protect communist statiues.

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imgWe in the former USSR still live under the World War II influence. The boundaries due WWII. The value system is formed as a result of WWII. We stick obsolete shortcuts Fascism / Nazism to everything we don't like. We say that Putin is a nazi. They say that we are nazi.

At the same time most peoples in the world don't care about "how bad was Hitler". It's only European nations fetish.

Before the current war in the East of Ukraine, I had a hope that the new generation would not have a determining WWII myth in the heads. And thus it will kill the "Pax Rossica", "Russain world" myth. Even deeper. Europe will stop the collective suicide, caused by the guilt complex (partly justified), brought up because of the violent or willingly denazification. Ukrainians must realize the WWII events in the context of the Ukrainian nation struggle for the independence. Otherwise we are doomed to look for a better master from West or East.

30 June 1941 is the most important event of the 20th century for Ukraine. On that day, at the initiative of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), the Declaration of Ukrainian State Act took place. Ukrainian nationalists tried to use power vacuum (Soviets already escaped, and the Germans had not yet arrived) to declare the rise of Ukraine. The calculation was that Hitler would rather get Ukraine and potentially large Ukrainian army (including great number of Ukrainian in Red Army) as an ally, than get a huge partisan movement in the rear. Because of many factors Hitler ignored the Ukrainians. His attitude to the nations of the USSR and, especially to Ukrainians, led Germany to it's collapse. Sometimes I hate Hitler for it more than I hate Stalin.

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Ritual dances around the visa-free regime with European Union are annoying.

Brexit, oh-oh-oh! Now visa-free regime will be postponed.

It is unlikely that hohol-Ukrainians will get the vice-free regime. Negroes and Arabs are easier to enter Europe, because it is an ideological justification for the centuries of colonialism. This underscores leftist ideological conception that denies the value of nations. Look, we love them, even if we make ourselves to love them. We show our love to them not to give a chance for someone to say we are not tolerant. It's lika a criminal hysterically eats earth to prove his mates he is not a police agent.

Let be frank with ourselves. European tolerance and non-discrimination does not apply to whites. If Ukrainian were blacks, homosexuals or Jews, we would have had a privileged position in EU.

This licking of the visa-free regime is disgusting. It demonstrates our inferiority. It's a will of orts form a master's table. Who does respects us? Kurds are provided with weapons, but we are not. Aggressive Albanian were protected by NATO and river salmon Ukrainians are forced to surrender to Moscow little by little.

Our main task is to find a master.

And in addition, the visa-free regime is really need by a narrow segment of the population that wants make buy-there-sell-here business at the border. We can seldom visit Europe not because of the visas, but due to the lack of money.

Олександр Олесь Remember

When the Ukraine fought for its life,
Fought against tortures violent,
And waited, hoped – they’ll sympathize,
Europe was silent.

When the Ukraine in blood and tears,
Was dying but alive yet
A friendly help still hoped to see,
Europe was silent.

When the Ukraine worked as a slave,
Toiled in a yoke of iron.
And voiceless rocks could not that bear,
Europe was silent.

When the Ukraine that harvest reaped
But was in starving dying,
And lost all words – no food, no seed,
Europe was silent.

When the Ukraine became vast grave,
An empty waste turned my land.
And even evil ones would pray,
Europe was silent.

Olexandr Oles, 22.08.1931р.

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КорчMany believe that Korchynskyi is a provocateur. He is. But who have said that a provocation is clearly bad? Nowadays medical terms in the politics are popular. Tolerance, homosexuality. Supporting the mainstream I dare to note that vaccination is a provocation too.

If provocation is intended to give the enemy a carte blanche for any actions, then it's a harm. But there is also the triad of "provocation-repression revolution", which is a nice.

An antonym to provocation is to suspend. "One only thing I cannot bear: To know my land, that was beguiled Into a death – trap with a lie...".

Another example. The power of a true leader at war or revolution is that one dares to take people where others are afraid and do not believe in success. From the side it looks like a provocation.

Provocation is a tool and has no sign. As well as radical actions are in general.

But I'm talking not about it.

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Супроти вузького націоналізму

There are two approaches to understanding the highest essence of nationalism.

Ukrainian nationalism grows from Christianity. Bandera and Stetsko were sons of priests, Shukhevych - grandson of a priest. Bandera said that the main purpose of a man's life - the approach to God.

At the same time there is a secular nationalism that says something like "my religion - Ukraine".

These are two different nationalisms. Our, named in honour of Bandera, red and black nationalism is based on the higher understanding of Good and Justice. Ukrainian nation rights and freedom is a partial manifestation of this higher principle. For Ukrainians, of course, Ukrainian nation has the higher priority. But this means. that good of our nation can not be achieved at the expense or contrary to the good of other nations. We can not oppress others to get some profit form it.

Of course we are talking about true good of a nation. Good for the Russian nation is to get rid of imperialism, to create a Russian national state on the ethnic Russian territories. Without colonies, occupation and so on. Of course, the collapse of Russian imperialism will be painful for Russians. When we act against the interests of Russia, we advocate good especially for Russian nation.

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1400416527-1750.jpg What did Ukraine give to the Crimean Tatars?

An opportunity to return to Crimea, though Ukraine's merit is mediated in this deal. But how did Ukraine handle with them in Crimea? They were given under the power of de facto Russian chauvinist government of Crimea, which ruled in Crimea since Ukrainian independence in 1991 and till the occupation in 2014. Crimean Tatars were beaten many times by formaly Ukrainian but ethnically and mentally Russian ACABs from "Berkut". Formally Ukrainian local government didn't  allow them to return to their houses,occupied by Russains colonists after the deporation in 1944. Even more, the local "Ukranian" government did what it could not to give Crimean Tatars lands to build new houses. The local Crimean government abused Crimean Tatars as Russians always abuse other occupied nations.

Well, Tatar intellectuals who come from the sixties of XX century as Refat Chubarov are integrated into Ukraine. These people really can not live without Ukraine. But they are only formal leaders with a falling influence at Crimean Tatars due to their toothless position.

If I was a national-conscious Crimean Tatar, I would not be in love with someone's Motherland. And I'd would hardly feel thankful to Ukraine much.

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ОУН-УПА: легенда спротиву Українська Дивізія «Галичина» Зиновій Книш: спогади й матеріали до діяння УВО і ОУН Реаніматор електронних текстів Забуттю не підлягає 1917-1991

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