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Catalonia is a nationIt's a shame, but in the Ukrainian nationalist environment there is no consensus on the events of Catalonia. We have always sympathized with the independent movements of other nations - printed brochures about the IRA, the ETA, supported the Chechens, admired William Wallace. And suddenly, a large part of the Ukrainian nationalists are opposed to the independence of Catalonia.

The sad thing is that comrades use hypocritical arguments. This is a test of principles - stay at your principes even when it is not profitable. Actually, there are two views on Ukrainian nationalism - the struggle for the Truth, or the struggle for own interest, even if the price is untrue.

Unfortunately, the nationalist environment does not demonstrate the principles, and thus maturity.

Arguments against the independence:

* Independence is supported by leftists, but not by national forces.

First, it's not like that. Different forces support independence.

Second, we put forward the slogan "Nation is above parties, the state independence is above classes". We are constantly complaining about the Ukrainian experience, when the Ukrainian left and right forces in the time of UNR (1917-1920th) could not unite to fight got the independence. As a result Ukraine, and both left and right forces were destroyed and physically killed by Russians.

Thirdly, this is a deceptive argument, when it's said that we are not against independence as such, but because of some factors in a particular case we are against it. Similar arguments have been used by Russians against Ukrainians when they fought and struggled not with "Ukrainians in principle", but only with "wrong Ukrainians" - Mazepists, Petliurists, nationalists, Kievan junta, and others like that.

One and the same arguments can not be considered fair for Ukraine, but not for others.

Finally, if following the logic, we should support Russians in terror against the North Caucasus nations - "wrong forcec" fight for the Caucasian independence. When there was a national-democratic oriented Dudayev, who believed in the "world community", the UN, and even "democracy", the "civilized world" betrayed him. Ukraine almost did not support. And now we complain that the fighters for freedom do not confess the values ​​that we would like. And the values, which we betrayed. However, this is another, though a tangent topic.

* Should we now give independence each district? We have Hungarians in Transcarpathia ...

The question of self-determination of nations and independence is not easy. Not to every district. To be short, Hungarians have the Hungarian state. Catalonces do not have a Catalonian state. The fate of a small belt of the border area is not part of the comparison with the fate of the whole nation.

* Down with separatism

Those Ukrainians oppose separatism as such take a sneak position. Ukraine is a history of separatism. From Poland, Russia, Hungary, Romania and others. Separatism has no sign. Separatism s a national liberation movement is good (IRA, ETA, Chechnya, etc.). When a separatism is an imperial encroachment - it's is bad (our DNR / LNR, the "Rusyns" inspired by Russia in Transcarpathia, the Russian unrests in Latvia, the occupation of parts of Georgia, etc.). Only an insane person can give a slogan "against separatism as such".

* As DNR / LNR

The difference is obvious.

In Catalonia - a movement for the independence of the original nation.

In the Donbas we have an inspired by Russia separatism of the occupants, their descendants (in fact, colonists), denationalized by repressions and the Famines Ukrainians (in fact, those of the same Soviet people). It does not concern the nation, but it refers to artificially created biomass, the consequence of imperial policy of mixing and assimilation.

There is no sense to write more. This is the obvious difference between the national liberation separatism and the separatism of the colonists.

* It is profitable for Russia

Any events are always beneficial to someine. Ukrainians in the 20th century twice appealed for help to Germany, because the enemy of my enemy is my ally (but not necessarily a friend). Russia once fostered the liberation of the Balkans from the Ottoman domination, while representing itself at the same time an occupant for Ukraine. Was it bad to free the Balkans because it was profitable for Russia? It is necessary to pay more attention to what is Fair and right, rather than to who is the beneficiar. However, it's still needed to be careful.

* A small note on autonomy.

Autonomy is an unnatural form of existence. This is either the path to independence, or the path to assimilation. Autonomy is always deceitful. Either independent forces are fooled or imperial forces are fooled.

* Conclusion

The Organization on Ukrainian Nationalists would not have such a problem - support or not support Catalonia. The modern Ukranian nationalists` argues on the events in Catalonia are caused because our movement almost does't not follow Christianing and faith in God. Ukrainian nationalism fights for the Truth as such, because Deus Vult (God wants so). Outside of this coordinate system, beyond the religious orientation, nationalism is transformed from a universal ideology (Freedom to nations - freedom to human), into a narrow-interest game of the own interest. In such a game, it's possible to share the fate of other nations for the sake of the own nation benefit (as it seems). But sooner or later such a exchange of Truth to profit will turn into a disaster. It is worth mentioning the participation of Poland in the division of Czechoslovakia, together with Grandfather Adolf.

Finally, such games where the national interest is above the Truth can be played by imperial nations, which have the power (until a certain time) to impose boundaries and values ​​on other nations.

When you are acting not for the Truth but for the benefit, this means, pretending to "think logically," then it is not logical to defend the right strongest to take what one wants, when we are weak.

The situation in the Catalonia highlights two basic approached:

  • To stand against injustice (robbery, occupation) because it is Evil.
  • To stand against injustice (robbery, occupation), because not we do it, or because it is not profitable for us.

Ukrainian Nationalism stands for the first approach.

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