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It's now fashionable to say: "Remember this post."

In Ukraine there is a generation of young people, for which Ukraine have "always" been. For them the fact that Ukraine has been occupied by Russia is a foggy fact of poorly learned in the school history. There is an illusion that Ukraine is a fulfilled fact.

However, Poland in 1939 also had a generation of young people who grew up in the independent Poland. And then Poland lost its independence until 1989.

Independence of Ukraine is threatened as never before since 1991. Ukraine is reminiscent of the interwar Chechnya. After the first war, when the Chechens were solidly against Russia and won, Moscow began to prepare the second war. Moscow looked for traitors, bribed and blackmailed weak persons, prepared armed groups consising of collaborators, supported the Chechen mafia and prepared the intrusion ideologically. And when the Second War was launched, there was no previous unanimity and unambiguousness. There was no rear. The forces of the nation were blown up. The war was lost.

We are in the same situation. We repeled the first Russion offensive. However, Moscow is preparing the second war and the final war.

Sabotage and terrorist groups are being prepared. Local "seigneur" are bribed together with their private armies ("security companies"). The society is split apart. Russian agents are rooted at all levels the government and in the scociety.

Corruptionist - these are the first agents of the enemy. Russian special services may blackmail any corruptionist. This means almost any high-level official of any industry, primarily the military, secret service and police officers. A corruptionist is a person by itself without honor. Therefore, if offered either to be prisoned according to Ukrainian laws or to cooperate such a person surely would chose to cooperate. With Russians. These people simply have no choice and spirit to do otherwise.

So all corrupt officials are potential agents. In 2014 Russians had no time to coordinate all of their agents in Ukraine. Besides, they underestimated us and overestimated themselves. When the next war begins the agents will operate in a centralized plan in sync with the enemy's forces.

State border.

Poland has sharply started to pursue anti-Ukrainian politics. The intensity of their propaganda is a pre-war intensity. If this is not a preparation for any actions, then name another reason why Poland should do it. Some people try to calm down Ukrainians, that it's done to support the popularity of the ruling forces inside Poland. But it's a weak and unconvincing explanation for such aggressive actions.

Hungary frankly prepares for the annexion of Transcarpathia or part of it, supports and holds pro-Hungarian organizations, including militarized groups under the brand of security (read `gangsters`) of local "feudal lords".

Belarus is part of Russia.

Moldova with Dodon is a loyal Russian ally. Transnistria is a Russian military outpost. Dodon will provide unhindered supply and deployment of the front line from Transnistria.

Slovakia is left. A small border area, the proximity to a likely Hungarian-Ukrainian conflict and Russia's intelligence can break down and this single link with the rest of the world.

On the perimeter of Ukrainian borders we have no friends anymore. The nearest real ally is Lithuania.

With the start of the next war, Ukraine will no longer have a united front of military and civil volunteers, as it has been in 2014.

First, Ukraine is surrounded by a front line.

Secondly, the intervention will be synchronous with the mutinies inside the country. Various "guard firms" and police "hi-wi" associated with the financial-bandit groups (almost all financial groups are bandit ones) are well armed. And they will act in the direction of liquidating the cells of the pro-Ukrainian struggle or sabotaging the rear. Just as it was in Chechnya in the second war. And even when private armies of the newest feudal lords in Western Ukraine (except for Transcarpathia) do not have a definite anti-Ukrainian orientation, then with their leaders, "business people", can alwas be persuaded to collaborate with "new order". Between betrayal and preservation under the new government and the struggle to die for Ukraine they will chose the first option.

Secret service and patriotic organizations.

Ukrainian secret services and patriotic organizations are incredibly weak. They are also opposing each other (because the secret services have not became pro-Ukrainian de-facto). Since 2014 Russian killed at our territory (not counting the front-line territory) dozens of prominent personalities with different hands. From Sahko "White" Muzychko to Kharabeyush in Mariupol and Okuyeva in Kyiv. Nearly every month or more often we hear more about a murder or attempted murder of some of the Ukrainian activists. What is the Ukrainian answer? Only the assasination of Buzina. And even this issue is not clear.

So the fun is ahead. Ukrainians are awaiting for traditional rebel-guerrilla romantic. Unfortunately.

We once again have missed the historic chance to build a Ukrainian state. We had time to prepare, but we lost it. Most likely, this time Ukraine will be lost again. Until the next historic moment. It seems we will have again to heroically lose for the sake of the legend for future generations.

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