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Colonel Petro Dyachenko, ~1918

Various persons like Arestovich, Romanenko, Datsiuk and other quasi-intellectual quasi-futuristic guys tells Ukraninans, that our national-identity, nationality is a purport of the 19th century. We fight for the past instead of the future. Look, they say, the world sounds like Ilon Mask, a Mars colony, the global world, Tesla-mobiles.

A hundred years ago, exactly the same thing was told to us by Bolsheviks and other social-democrats. Everything looked very similar - rapid science development, travel by plane, radio, electricity in every home, telegraph transmits information instantly, etc. The future "was now". And some archaic Ukrainians were defending the meanings of the Middle Ages in the modern world.

At that time too many Ukrainians behaved infantilely. Not many of us fought for our national ideal. Too many believed in other's ideals (see the list of executed by Bolsheviks in the 1920's and 1930's).

We have not got a wonderful world of progress, but we found ourselves in the role of a victim in Baal-Moloch in a slave country of USSR.

Nowadays we observe almost identical situation, analogy. Will we draw conclusions?

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