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B.Dovgan. "Shmon (Archipelago GULAG)". 1968.

Once I spent a couple of days in a prison cell. There was a daily rummage (so-called "shmon") - a humiliating review of things and prisoners. Of course, for security reasons.

A few days ago I tried to visit a political meeting of a patriotic force new the Parliament in Kyiv. A person could not visit the meeting without passing a metal-detector frame and a humilating rummage. The ACABs paid additional attention to anyone, who they suspected to be an activist. "Swirl pockets and bags". Who gave them the right to dig in my personal things? Maybe I have there a dildo/insertive jaw/medicine for hemorrhoids and I'm ashamed to show it? The policemen like to do searches in personal things, like to humilate, to show their power. Of course, the rummage has a good reason - the security of the prisoners. However, as well as in the prison cell, it is not about the security of the prisoners, but about the control of the authorities.

The policemen (ACABs in fact) leaning to dig into other persons' thing is expected. One must have nobility to disdain, say, to read alien letters or to dig into other people's things. Our current police is an antonym to nobility. They would be Defenders, but they are just rubbish. Police behaviour is not amazing.

It is amazing that Ukrainians, who believe that in 2014 they have performed a "Revolution of Dignity", allow to make rummage on them, zealously open the bags and spread legs. A "necessary humiliation" for "expressing your opinion". After such an act of symbolic castration, your opinion is definitely not interested in anyone. You are "disinfected", especially in your own mind.

If we had some self respect, the soulution would be obvious.

Gather befor the metal-detector frames, don't pass them. And if there are enough peopel, just take down them. But do not allow to humiliate yourself. However, Ukrainians are accustomed to humiliation not less than Russians. "Our main task is find a lord." Some people pay attention that words "slav" and "slave" are very similar. It seems they are right.

It is extremely difficult to undertake a rebellion. But to remain a self-respecting Person constantly is even more difficult.

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