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The article in Slovak language: Nacionalizmus a slobody. Technický aspekt. by Barbora Lebedova

The circle is closed. Liberals who have struggled for individual freedom in the past now require a bunch of restrictions. Nowadays some views are under the juridical or actual prohibition: some political views, some historical views, some views on sexual behavior. The parents' right to raise children in illiberal values ​​is questioned. What have began as freedom ends with self-denial and non-freedom.

The more radical fighters for freedom and liberation, the communists, everywhere, where they won, staged totalitarianism without any procrastination. The communists have a faster metabolism than liberals.

From a technical point of view, we have the following. With the goal of "security" more and more video cameras, there is less cash in favor of bank accounts. Mobile clearly shows the location of a person at any time. The privacy of correspondence and conversations goes back to the past. Social networks allow you to make a dossier to any person in an automatic mode - a person gives away all the places where one can be found, what one is interested in, what views the persone has, all one's contacts (friends, relatives, employees, whom one served or studied with, etc.) .

The task of the nationalist movement at this stage is to demand true freedom. Limit the ability of the government to control a person, to equip a person with knowledge and skills in information hygiene. This should be a significant part of the nationalist program - indeed, Free Man. Security should not be formed by means of "neutralizing" citizens and strengthening of special services, but by weakening the control and formation of free and self-sufficient citizens, capable of defending and organizing their and community life.

So, the thesis about WWCtP (when we come to power :-):

  • Street video surveillance or video surveillance in public places (especially at political meetings) should be prohibited. The video surveillance of private property should be clearly announced.
  • An incognito mobile communication approach should be developed and implemented. So it becomes impossible to control the location of a phone user.
  • Any internet or mobile communication should be encrypted by default
  • Strengthening the role of cash or uncontrollable methods of payment (now, by bank card, you can be tracked on which sausage you buy, at which store and at what time).
  • Tickets in transport should be impersonal. So that it is impossible to control who and where to go. At present, the electronic tickets potentially allow to control the movements even in a public transport.
  • Of course, no metal detectors or other forms of search on mass (especially political) events

There is a problem that the masses are not aware of the dangers of control. The false idea that "I have nothing to conceal" gives the person in full dependence of the authorities. And the state apparatus has both a human factor and a corrupt component, and tends to "twist the nuts," and one day may become totalitarian.

So here Education comes to the game, As hygiene teaches us how not to get sick, we should learn of informational hygiene. Schools should give children an understanding of the dangers of control, the sacred right to privacy, and the dangers of social networks in terms of tracking (without rejecting social networks as such). Moreover, the information on tracking methods, the method of interrogations, all available only to the petition, non-secret information should be taught also. A citizen must be protected from all sides.

You will ask how to catch the real criminals then? Answer is how it have been done before. Fingerprints, video cameras in private homes or banks, agents in criminal scociety, witnesses, etc. Do not worry about the police, they have enough arsenal. And surely well-armed conscious citizens, who are capable tof defending themselves and the community.

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