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A woman carries and gives birth to a child. That's an experience that the man cannot imagine. And now, a man in his hands holds a real miracle. Only because of the woman. What kind of equality can be here? A woman can only an objec of admire. A true man must strain all forces for her sake.

An OUN (Organization of Ukranian Nationalist) member nicknamed "Lida" did not even tell her true name during Soviet interrogations. She was taken to a psychiatric hospital, where died. But she was not broken. She was betrayed her commander, her beloved arrested with here could not withstand torture and told what he knew to NKVD. Women hold interrogations better than men. It's inequality.

There are deals in which women, as a rule, are stronger and fit better then men. There are situations when, as a rule, men are more suitable then women. Of course, there are exceptions. In general, many things are possible as exceptions, but they are either unacceptable or not desirable, as a rule.

You can not kill as a rule. You can not steal as a rule. A woman cannot be a soldier as a rule. A man is not a hairdresser, as a rule. Interracial marriages are not very good, as a rule. Pedestria is unacceptable, as a rule. Relationships with another woman are unacceptable, as a rule. However, there are also valid exclusions for each rule. Such exceptions are emotionally strong. They are described in art, because they arise in nonstandard presumptions and require non-peripheral qualities and causes. And now you sympathize to marital treason, to a murderer or pederast.

This effect is very suitable for propaganda. When the statistics is replaced by emotional exceptions (often fictitious, as "the crippled boy in panties" used by Russian propagnda in the currrent war). And especially when statistics is replaced by subjective experience.

Unexperienced people may think that such exceptions should dissmiss the whole rules. Extremely short-sighted. Destruction of "outdated" rules is like breaking the window in the bearing wall. It is not at all obvious that "throwing away these few bricks" will cause the entire building collapse. However, between advisability and good sense on the one hand, and short-sighted "want" and mistakenly perceived freedom (irresponsibility) on the other, not experienced people choose the latter.

The destruction of the family, the destruction of the natural roles of man and woman (the ideal of the Knight and the Princess), the imposition of non-specific functions for men and women under the brand "equality" are attractive and bright at first glance, as a window in the bearing wall. And let's send to hell all the rules and restrictions! Because they are depressing us. Aha.

P.S. I don't blame feminism. It was a progressive movent in the past. Now it destroys.But the reason is arrogant, non-noble and/or weak men.

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