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Here in Ukraine (as a ex-USSR contry) we have 2 legacy holidays - 23 of February (Red Army day, which was celebrated as a men's day) and 8 of March (which was celebrated very similar to the Western Mother's Day).

We managed to mostly overcome the soviet 23 of February. But we have a wide discussion on 8-th or March.

March 8 is a matter of changing social roles. The Marxists tried to destroy the family, and for that - to change social roles if men and women. A woman should cease to be a woman. A man should cease to be a man. Nowadays modern feminists and various pederasts continue this struggle. Talk a little longer with them - everything will turn into a denial of the family as a deterrent and outdated factor.


Women and men are different, therefore, they have, in the majority of cases, certain roles. In particular, the woman, for the most part, is a mother and a family guardian. A man, for the most part, has to bear increased responsibility for the family retention. Both should be responsible for the upbringing of children, but a little bit differently.

There is an obvious conflict between the birth and the upbringing of children and careers. A women can go to a decree, for a hospital with a child. So women are "not reliable" from the employer's point of view. That is why there is a distortion in professions and career opportunities.

Homosocialists and other feminists want to resolve this distortion by removing the family and child form the equation - those factors that make a woman different from a man. Next they have to fight against anatomical differences, but here they have success in this field.

The leftists, as always, deny the natural order of things, common sense in favor of a spherical horse in a vacuum - a beautiful idea of ​​total equality. What necessarily leads to the destruction of society (which is aimed), as well as the repression of disagreeing (traditional leftist "freedom struggle").

Reverent people not only understand that a woman has a special status and role, but also have fun with it. In a good family, a woman enjoys motherhood and her reliable husband, and her husband enjoys the reliable wife and children.

The traditional (healthy) view defends the fact that a family (not a sexless individual) is a cell of the society. Family means cooperation and the division of functions.

March 8, in the soviet performance, denies the Marxist ideal of identifying a woman as a man. Women were presented with flowers which emphasizes the peculiarity of women.

However, it is necessary to celebrate not March 8, but Mother's Day. Emphasizing the peculiarity of a woman, her special role, femininity, gratitude to a woman. Because the ideal for a woman is to happen as a mother, and not to happen as a man.

Of course, one must understand that there will always be a part of women and men who will live without a family and children. They can be even are valuable to the scociety. However, the absence of family and children is permissible, as an exception, but not as a rule.

In general, the fact that a woman must work to feed her family is a bad thing. The society should struggle to allow women not to work. We should not to stimulate equal employment of women and men in society with different quotas.

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