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Once upon a time an SSU agent requested a meeting from one patriotic activist. The agent wanted "to meet and speak about your great patriotism". "You are a patriot, we are patriots, so let's speak", - the agent said.

It's worth to mention, that SSU is the most polite and tender secret service in the world, when concerns enemies of the national security of Ukraine.

The activist had the following thoughts.

SSU is a successor of soviet secret services like KGB. SSU allowed to happen everything bad, what have happend to Ukraine since 1991. A great number of SSU members and whole SSU departments became official traitors in 2014.

So any communication with such an ogranization can have no positive perspective.

If even to believe, that you are also patriots, how can you help? Undertake a training session for partiotic public? Provide patriotic trainings with instructors? Provide a proving ground, weapons, ammo for military training of patriotic organizations? Give money to buy hunter ammo for patriots to train with own legal weapons? Nothing of this the agent can provide. Even if the agent wanted to help, he couldn't. Such an SS-clerc, whose duty is to keep eye on patriotic movement, have no authority to do anything.

So such a communication can even potentially bring no benefit.

There would also no be any direct harm. In the best case, such a communication would be a waste of time for an activist. And the SS agent would have what to write down in one's report about "fulfilled work".

In the worst case there would be offers to peach, threats to create problems with school/college/university/job. Sure, they can create as many problems as they can help - they can do nothing here as well. They have no authority to do anything. They can also say affectionate words, threats to see reaction. So they get at least some information. Which seems to be minor, but who knows.

And what is guaranteed, that all the collected information would be passed to Russian secret services. Not the agent in person, but his commander or a chief of his commander will almost sure trait and/or trade the info.

So the activist arrived at a decision not to sniff the shit. Thought shit sniffing is not dangerous, but is at least disgusting.

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