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КорчMany believe that Korchynskyi is a provocateur. He is. But who have said that a provocation is clearly bad? Nowadays medical terms in the politics are popular. Tolerance, homosexuality. Supporting the mainstream I dare to note that vaccination is a provocation too.

If provocation is intended to give the enemy a carte blanche for any actions, then it's a harm. But there is also the triad of "provocation-repression revolution", which is a nice.

An antonym to provocation is to suspend. "One only thing I cannot bear: To know my land, that was beguiled Into a death – trap with a lie...".

Another example. The power of a true leader at war or revolution is that one dares to take people where others are afraid and do not believe in success. From the side it looks like a provocation.

Provocation is a tool and has no sign. As well as radical actions are in general.

But I'm talking not about it.

Many people believe Korchynskyi is an agent of the Kremlin. And there are reasons. He played on the side of the Russian puppet Yanukovych in 2004. Collaborated with the Russian agents, such as Vitrenko, Kaurov and other forerunners if Luganda in 2005-2008. He participated in blocking NATO ships in Crimea in alliance with the Russian agents in 2005-2008 (I don't remember year). He have said that although Filaret is a great person, but Alexy II Ridiger is our canonical everything.

I speak of that, the majority of those who believe Korchynskyi is an agent and provocateur, hate him because of the psychological and ideological messages that he promotes. Namely, the combatative psychology, rebellion mind, the statements tearing brain to politically correct and tolerant quasi-liberals. Slave consciousness of many Ukrainians seeks even revolution. but only if none is offend. He calls not be afraid to offend an enemy.

This is a hate of a redneck to a cossacks. The redneck needs to feed cossacks, cossacks provoke enemies, cossacks can punush for trading with enemies. This hatred is limited, short-sighted, but understandable. Once it was called the vile class. This meant no offense, just pointing to the place in the hierarchy of the society. Honored place. So nowadays vile means something negative.

Korchynskyi haters hate him primarily because he provokes and promotes national aggression, not a national cry. They as well hate or are suspicious to all Ukrainians capable of killing enemies - OUN-UPA, "masked provocateurs" and volunteer battalions, the fall of the statue Lenin statues, and the blockade of the Crimea and others.

All other Korchynskyi biography spots are only additional convenient set of facts to support their already formed hatred. They hated Korchynskyi and "provocations" (when Ukrainian snaped instead of being thankfull for a spit in face) long before 2004, before 2001 (when Korchynskyi denied Ukraine without Kuchma and actually took the side of the regime). Ukrainians in the war in Transnistria, the Caucasus, fights with ACABs at the funeral of Patriarch Volodymyr - all provocateurs and agents of the Kremlin.

Did our so-called democrats and liberal failed to build a truly democratic and free state because of the provocateurs during the 20 years of insolvency (instead of independency)?

How to treat Korchynskyi? As a political leader is compromised. But he is a talented writer and a philosopher. He is worth to be read. He promotes many valuable ideas. But to think using own head, not the head of Korchynskyi, Arestovych or, conversely, Schuster and Television.

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