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imgWe in the former USSR still live under the World War II influence. The boundaries due WWII. The value system is formed as a result of WWII. We stick obsolete shortcuts Fascism / Nazism to everything we don't like. We say that Putin is a nazi. They say that we are nazi.

At the same time most peoples in the world don't care about "how bad was Hitler". It's only European nations fetish.

Before the current war in the East of Ukraine, I had a hope that the new generation would not have a determining WWII myth in the heads. And thus it will kill the "Pax Rossica", "Russain world" myth. Even deeper. Europe will stop the collective suicide, caused by the guilt complex (partly justified), brought up because of the violent or willingly denazification. Ukrainians must realize the WWII events in the context of the Ukrainian nation struggle for the independence. Otherwise we are doomed to look for a better master from West or East.

30 June 1941 is the most important event of the 20th century for Ukraine. On that day, at the initiative of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), the Declaration of Ukrainian State Act took place. Ukrainian nationalists tried to use power vacuum (Soviets already escaped, and the Germans had not yet arrived) to declare the rise of Ukraine. The calculation was that Hitler would rather get Ukraine and potentially large Ukrainian army (including great number of Ukrainian in Red Army) as an ally, than get a huge partisan movement in the rear. Because of many factors Hitler ignored the Ukrainians. His attitude to the nations of the USSR and, especially to Ukrainians, led Germany to it's collapse. Sometimes I hate Hitler for it more than I hate Stalin.

If Germany really carried liberation and a fair world order, the victory would have been for Deutschland. But Germany carried only a German world order and contempt for the liberated/occupied nations. Resistance/rebellion/revolution is alwas a consequance of a humiliation of dignity. Economic reasons are either secondary or are not reasons at all.

But the main thing in Act 30 June is the OUN's determination and reliance on own strength. Nationalists embodied the principle of "descendants rather forgive us wrong action than inaction." If we followed the principle, we would not have lost the revolution of 2013-2014 in Ukraine.

In February and March 2014 in Volyn region Right Sector had all the power. I think it was in the same way in many other regions of Ukraine. It was a truly revolutionary organization where the vast majority of people were willing to go even to the gallows if needed. It was the best time in the life of most people who took part in the events. The good of the Nation was more than personal good. With the flow of the time many people returned to the normal life flow. We had to catch the moment.

At that time ACABs received orders from the Right Sector headquarters. SBU behaved in the same way. There was no other power excep the Right Sector. And we did not dare to take the power into own hands. We said: "Let Kyiv send us a new head of the administration, a chief for ACABs, etc. And we are going to control them." We were afraid to appoint a person to head the local government, militia etc. If we were not afraid, then the same would happen to neighboring regions. Someone had to be the first, someone had to set an example.

Unfortunately Right Sector even at it best times was not a nationalist organization in every sense. OUN would know what to do. We pinned hopes on someone else, not on ourselves. All further indecision, Crimea occupation and the War in the East - it is our sin. Because we didn't dare to act. We shifted responsiblity to old/new political populists like Turchinov, Yatsenyuk Klitschko and impotent Tyahnybok ...

However, life goes on, war continues.

Pax Rossica

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