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Collective farm - people's hapinessIt is hard to ignore the fact, that there is an unusually high percentage of our brothers like Jews, Georgians, Armenians. With the naked eye one can see the dominance of Caucasians in police of particularly corrupt regions (those with lots of money). For example, Odesa, Kyiv.

Demo liberals traditionally ignore reality in favor of his own doctrine. Anyone, who noticed this obvious fact of ethnically non-Ukrainian government in Ukraine,  is guaranteed to get a beforehand prepared stamp (Nazi, fascist, terrorist. Homophobes, Islamists, xenophobe, etc. - showcase is abundant).

How to explain this? Convenient explanation is a world Jewish conspiracy. Which doesn't explain Caucasians. But conspiracy theories and so strong that they can "explain" everything. As world Jewry have bought me, here I bring an alternative explanation of the non-Ukrainian ethnic composition of our authorities.

As it should be

A person/political group gets power in order to organize social life on own vision for the good of society. An interest of personal enrichment must be missing or punished.

For example, nationalists want to get the power in order to make the country fair, modern, powerful and the best one in the world. In other words to defend the interests of the nation (according to nationalist understanding). Leftists, liberals and others want to get  power to reconstruct the society according to their doctrines. But somehow political forces should defend the interests of society and / or its individual groups (leftist - employees).

Thus, political groups should defend the interests of a wider part of the society from which they find themselves to be delegated.

As it is

The power in Ukraine (from president to ACABs) is treated by the modern "elite" as a tool for personal enrichment or growth. The power struggle is a struggle for the possession of resources. Almost all political parties or leaders only defend their own interests.

The political rhetoric fits expectations of certain segments of people only because of implementing a "political technology" (deception in order to get more votes from river salmons).

This disposition gradually formed during 25. Sincere politics were either moved to margins, or were digested by the system. The negative selection.

Poroshenko seems to be an ethnic Ukrainian, but what does it change?

The explanation of the dominance of non-Ukrainians

It should be noted, that Ukrainian origin guarantees nothing. In the anti-national government the majority of all positions is occupied by ethnic Ukrainians. There would not be enough Jews or Georgians for all the positions. Besides, not all Jews, Georgians, Armenians etc. agree to engage the sneaky deal of parasitism on people (even on another ethnically people).

The government, as a stable system-parasite should provide staff for itself. People, who want to use the power for at least an honest performance of their lawful duties, are alien and harmful to existing authorities.

What does mean a chief of police department, which is not agree to hush up a case? A customs offices, who does not take bribes, and does everything by the law? Honest Judge, which can not "solve any question"???

If you come to power, you get the opportunity to enrich yourself on the conditio of loyalty to the corrupt system that exists. An honest is either squeezed or becomes a rascal.

That is why honest people who want to defend the public good, but not personal good, are sift out. In Ukraine those honest people who are sift out, are primarily nationally-oriented intellectuals and nationalist activists. Those who feel the pain of the national destiny.

Naturally, the percentage of non-Ukrainians who don't care about Ukrainian national destiny, is high. The denationalized corporation-parasite "Authorities" needs denationalized cadres. A Ukrainian is  potentially a system-breaker. What if one day he starts to feel the national pain? Therefore, the priority in personnel selection is given to those who are less hassle - denationalized elements. So this ethnic imbalance is due to 30 years of the corruption selection (it began at soviet times).

Also note that this does not mean that there more rascals among non-Ukrainians, but because the system looks for rascals among non-Ukrainians with a greater priority.

And yet there is one factor that contributes to this. Foreign bodies (non-Ukrainians in the Ukrainian environment) somehow need to show greater resistance to build/preserve identity. From childhood, they are the object of attention. This forms a fairly active characters. And coupled with the lack of sentimentality to Ukraine as a nation-state, it opens a direct path to the corporation-parasite "Authorities."

Well, nobody canceled the national OCG (organized criminal groups). Those who have been bloody gangsters of the 1990s and now are "respectable businessmen and politicians." And finally an anti-Semitic thesis. Since Jews are the same people and the rest of the people, there are national Jewish OCG as well.


Ethinc disbalance among the all levels of authorities is a fact. But it's not a conspiracy, but a natural behaviour of the anti-Ukrainian government to look for cadres among non-Ukrainians.

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