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The instrument of deception is the substitution of terms. Even a double substitution. If a term has negative connotations, it is necessary to create a neutral term, preferably sequently twice, and then it can be entered into the public debate.

For example: pederast-> homoseksualist-> gay

There is harder to express in a table term substitution way. For example, why throwing bombs from planes is not a terrorism but laying a bomb is a terrorism?

So learn to speak properly!

Incorrect Correct
ATO, anti-terrorist operation (Ukraine) War in the East, War with Russia
Was in ATO (Ukraine) Was at the front-line, was at war against Russia
ATO participant (Ukraine) Front-line soldier
Gay, homosecsualist, LGBT Pederast, pederasy, pederasts
Tolerance Indifference, no reaction
A demand to be tolerant In most cases a requirement to suppress the instinct for survival
Political technology A deception in order to gain more votes
PR, public relations (in politics) see. Political technology
Right-wing populists Right-wing
Terrorists Depending on the context:
- Fighters for independence
- Religious rebels
- occupiers (like in the war with Russia in Ukraine)
World terrorism Phenomenon is absent. Depending on the context, see. Terrorists

To be continued.

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