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spider blankMost voters in Ukraine at elections vote not consciously.

The result of elections in Ukraine is determined (even not taking into consideration direct falsifications with ballots or election commission members) by two categories of people:

  • Those who sell vote directly or indirectly (vote for owners of so-called "Charitable" funds)
  • Those who are deceived by "political technologies", who vote not for some political program or an ideology, but for artist-demagogue persons.

In both cases money rules.

There are people who are interested in ideology, the history of a party or a biography of a politician. Those try to filter out the lies, try to correlate the facts. The number of such people, who vote to some extent deliberately, is much less than the number of purchased and deceived voters.

It is quite simple to improve the quality of the democratic process. Only the latter, conscious category of people should be allowed to vote.

How should it work in particular?

There is an option to follow the Heinlein's way. Citizens are only those who voluntarily go to war. Not a bad option, especially for Ukraine.

Another option is the following.

For some time before the election (about half a year), all who wish to vote must pass an exam. To pass such an exam a person should spend time preparing for it, must dedicate a day to the exam itself. So a person must make an effort to get a vote right. This will definitely filter out most indifferent and not conscious people. It would allow mostly to vote people who feel responsibility for the fate of the country.

The exam must require a candidate to voters to have basic knowledge of:

- History of Ukraine

- The political structure of the country (who is the president, who is prime minister, how is a prime minister appointed, which are branches of power an how it corellate, etc.)

- The disposition of political forces (the key parliamentary parties, party leaders, basic program principles)

Will only 5% of voters remain? Perfectly. The real politics and democracy would start at that point.

Would like to emphasize that everyone has the right to become a voter. It is even difficult to call a restriction of universal suffrage.

Of course such a system can be implemented only through a revolution. No "democratically" elected government can implement it. Besides our "Western allies" would  be categorically against such example near by.

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