Support note:

In most cases support requests concern a conjunction of joomla extensions, settings and content. It's not an easy task to install the same extensions, set it up in the same way and generate the test content close to your content. So to get the support be ready to provide either Joomla superadmin access or an akeebabackup of your web-site. Your web-site copy will be installed at a test server to be debugged.

If you are afraid of some data, then either create an akeebabackup excluding your secret data or create a test web-site instance with fake data yourself and provide the developer with the access.

If for some reason you are not able to provide the access or to create an unsecret web-site backup/instance, then support costs 20 USD per hour.

Joomla Gruz Edition


Joomla \2I personally start a new web-site from this build. I gathered several extensions I use at every web-site. So I use the build to install everything together, not one-by-one manually.

I hope this joomla buils can be useful for someone except me, so I publish it.

If you feel something is worth of being added to the joomla edition, let me know.


The build is installed in a way similar to fresh joomla install process. Unpack the archive to the root of the web-site, visit the web-site and fillow the install steps.

Though one can set superadmin password when installing, sometime people forget to set their password. So the default access is:
user: admin
pass: joomla

Don't forget to change admin user name and password after joomla install!

What is included?

The Joomla 3 based built contains the following extensions (except the core ones):

Brute Force Stop

Blocks bots, which go over passwords.

Admin Forever

If enabled, then admin session is never expired once logged in. Can be helpful when you editing a long article and try to save ... login expired. Not expired with this plugin!

Sypex Dumper

A very cool tool for DB dumps. It's not a joomla extension, but is very usefull.


A mustbe tool for developing. Shows PHP variables, arrays, classes in a nice readable popup.

I'd advice to turn jdump plugin off at production web-sites.


Place in the code
<?php dump ($arr, 'My array name'); dumpMessage ('My var name ='.$var); ?>


Backend search. I.e. you see some text at your web-site and want to change it, but the text can be in a module, in an article, in a category description. Now you can easily find it.

Google Analytics for Joomla

Just insert google analytics key and enable the plugin.

Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

A famous text editor for Joomla. I like the easy way to switch to HTML view.

Phoca Commander

A twin-panel file manager. Use when lazy to use FTP.

Cache cleaner

One-click cache clean

Akeeba Backup

A mustbe tool for making joomla full backup with one click

Templates installed

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FaLang translation system by Faboba
ОУН-УПА: легенда спротиву Українська Дивізія «Галичина» Зиновій Книш: спогади й матеріали до діяння УВО і ОУН Реаніматор електронних текстів Забуттю не підлягає 1917-1991

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    Dear Gruz! One more question. Is there any way to hide and make (blog text) clickable instead?


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    My bad! Thank you for great plugin!


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    Dear Gruz! Thank you for awesome plugin! That saved a lot of time for me developing websites! I have ...