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pavukAfter installing a free joomla 1.6+ template AS Template 002024 it works not like shown at demo-page. Footer is not shown. As a result, the template javascript shows a popup message at every page load with text: designed by JavaScript: designed by

But I've not even thought of removing copyrights. What is the problems then?


In i.e. templates/as002024/index.php there is a terrible-looking hash like this:

Just replace it with the following HTML code (it's the same indeed):

For Template as002024

For Template as002025


This hash is an encoded HTML+PHP code used to prevent from easily removing copyright. But it has a problem - deprecated opening PHP tag - <? instead of <?php. You cannot see the tags, but they are inside the encoded hash. The deprecated tags doesn't work at most of modern servers. That's why my php didn't show the footer - it didn't recognize the code as a PHP-code. But I cannot fix the hashed code as my name is not Neo. The ecoded coded contains ecoded code and so on till 57 level of depth. Only after 57 steps of decription I managed to get the original code.

And for those. who want to know who its works or want to do the same trick for another AS Template I publish the script (updated 09.07.2012) I used. It has to be used once.

After the hash in i.e. templates/as002024/index.php add this code:

Run your web-site in your browser once. The code will generate a file gruz.txt in the root of the web-site. The file will contain the decrypted HTML code.

Next remove previously added code(it is needed once), replace the original hash code with the HTML code from gruz.txt.


A useful online tool for decoding of such hashes:

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