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It's an outdated article! Now it works in another way in VirtueMart 2

Task: SpiderI need 2 currencies - USD (real product price is in USD) and UAH - the price which users pay.

In other words the shop sell product in UAH while prices in the backend are in USD.

The currency exchange rate has to be entered manually.

Example: Image-missing.svg


Edit shop setting /administrator/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=user&task=editshop and set the main currency and other one(s).


Go to the currency list and set the currency rates.

IMPORTANT! My main currency is UAH, it has to be converted from USD with rate 8.1. So the rate 8.1 has to set for USD, not UAH! I know it sounds illogical, but this is why I write this article.

Image-missing.svg Image-missing.svg

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